Sterba and Sterba


For quite a while now I was hoping that at some point I’d be able to publish a paper together with my father, but up to now our respective fields of work were too divergent.

Some time ago, he asked me for help on figuring out some multi-dimensional integrals, because he believed that a measure of the structural diversity in Plenter-forests called the Gini-coefficient [bibcite key=Gini1912][bibcite key=Sterba2006b][bibcite key=Katholnig2012] that is usually measured could be analytically calculated. Turns out, he was right! From this discussion and some work on those integrals we were able to write up his thoughts [bibcite key=Sterba2018a] and come up with an equation that makes it possible to calculate the Gini-coefficient directly from some parameters.

I’m very happy that we managed to get this paper published and I now have a Sterba and Sterba publication to my name!

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