Off to Munich – SAAGAS 27

The 27th Seminar on Activation Analysis and Gamma Spectrometry, or SAAGAS 27 will be hosted this year at the FRM II in Garching, Munich. It is the seminar of the “Arbeitskreis Analytik mit Radionukliden und Hochleistungsstrahlenquellen (ARH)” of the GDCh. I really love this seminar for several reasons: It was the first international conference where I gave a presentation (SAAGAS 20, in 2005!), it is traditionally nice to students and young scientists (there might be a connection here ;-)) and the regular crowd there is friendly, easy-going and by now a group of friends.

We had the pleasure to host the SAAGAS meeting twice at the Atominstitut, TU Wien, in 2009 (22nd seminar) and in 2017 (26th seminar), in both cases we had a lot of fun (and work) and, I believe, successful seminars.

For this coming SAAGAS I’m taking along almost all our students, so team ATI will show up with a total of eight  people! I strongly believe that the SAAGAS is one of the conferences were students can give their first presentations in a realistic but save and friendly environment, so out of the four presentations prepared, three will be first-timers. What we’ll see (in the order of appearance):

  • Progress toward production and characterization of a Technetium-99 reference sample for accelerator mass spectroscopy (V. Halubtsova)
  • Characterization of the precipitation of traces of Technetium with Iron carriers (E. Gull)
  • Characterization of natural clinoptilolite material for remediation of Sr-90 and Cs.137 in seawater (V. Grill)
  • Preparation of Thorium and Uranium targets for the NuClock project (V. Rosecker)
  • Neutronenaktivierungsanalyse und Gammaspektroskopie von Kaffee (T. Mittersteiner)

I’m really looking forward to seeing my students present!

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