Back from MARC…

Instead of watching the falling snow outside my window right now, I’d much rather remember last April when I got to spend a week on beautiful Hawaii participating in the MARC XI conference. It was great to see old friends again and meet new people. There was quite a large group of students there, too, making me realize that I’m finally not a “young scientist” anymore 😉

There were great sessions on many different topics and the discussions inbetween were also interesting and mostly fun. I was lucky in that I got to give a presentation on the Cs and Sr adsorption capabilities of Clinoptilolite​(Sterba et al. 2018)​ which I also submitted as a manuscript. Dorian Zok, a student of Georg Steinhauser, whom I count as a close friend of mine, also gave a great presentation on Ru-106 containing air-filters we measured at the Atominstitut ​(Zok, Sterba, and Steinhauser 2018)​.

So, even though I wish I could enjoy some Hawaiian sun (and coffee) right now, I’m content with the memories and those two nice publications that came out of the conference.


  1. Sterba, Johannes H., Hannes Sperrer, Florian Wallenko, and Jan M. Welch. 2018. “Adsorption Characteristics of a Clinoptilolite-Rich Zeolite Compound for Sr and Cs.” Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry.
  2. Zok, Dorian, Johannes H. Sterba, and Georg Steinhauser. 2018. “Chemical and Radioanalytical Investigations of 106Ru-Containing Air Filters from Vienna in Fall 2017: Searching for Stable Element Anomalies.” Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry.

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