Back from MARC…


Instead of watching the falling snow outside my window right now, I’d much rather remember last April when I got to spend a week on beautiful Hawaii participating in the MARC XI conference. It was great to see old friends again and meet new people. There was quite a large group of students there, too, making me realize that I’m finally not a “young scientist” anymore 😉

There were great sessions on many different topics and the discussions inbetween were also interesting and mostly fun. I was lucky in that I got to give a presentation on the Cs and Sr adsorption capabilities of Clinoptilolite [bibcite key=Sterba2018b] which I also submitted as a manuscript. Dorian Zok, a student of Georg Steinhauser, whom I count as a close friend of mine, also gave a great presentation on Ru-106 containing air-filters we measured at the Atominstitut [bibcite key=Zok2018].

So, even though I wish I could enjoy some Hawaiian sun (and coffee) right now, I’m content with the memories and those two nice publications that came out of the conference.

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