MTAA Baby!

As I’m writing this, I’m waiting to board my plane to Amsterdam to participate in the 14th Modern Trends in Activation Analysis conference to be held in Delft this year.

And even though between private holidays and other travel thus was quite a busy summer, I’m really looking forward to this! I’ve been poring over the program and, since there are three parallel session every day, once again wish we had this bilocation thing working by now, because there’s so much to listen to. (See, I’m humble here, bilocation would be sufficient, even with three sessions going on…) I’m also happy that they put enough emphasis on the coffee breaks, not because I enjoy the coffee in Delft so much (sorry guys!) but because meeting and talking to the other participants during the breaks is one of the most beneficial things to do at a conference.

I was honored to be given a regular presentation on Thursday and also a session to chair on the same day. Supposedly because I’m (still?) considered as a young scientist, which is nice to hear.

So, apart from the not-so-funny part of being in transit for the next 4 hours, I’m really happy to be on my way and looking forward to meeting old and new friends in Delft!

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