Across Borders Project – with Video!

The Across Borders Project has been great fun and quite an interesting experience. Fun, because the project partners, at least the ones I was in direct contact with, were great fun to work and exciting to exchange thoughts with. It was also very interesting to my work because I learned a lot about the chemistry of nile-clay ceramics. Now Julia has just contacted me and sent out this great video I’d like to share:

It it a wonderful and very well made overview of the project and all the interesting finds that came out of it.

While finishing a project is always a good feeling, when you are able to look back at a lot of good work, it’s also always a bit sad, considering that it sometimes means a parting of ways. In this specific case however, I’m fairly sure that both, Julia and Giulia and I will find many more occasions to work (and have fun) together.

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