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Research Interests

  • Archaeometry
    • Chemical Analysis
    • Provenancing
    • Statistical Methods
  • Neutron Activation Analysis
  • Reactor Physics
  • Nuclear Safety and Security


  • Production and Distribution of Sue ware at the Southern border — Complementary Research in Archaeology and Natural Sciences (JSPS 科研費基盤研究(A)課題番号15H01902「南限の古代窯須恵器の生産と流通ー考古学的手法と自然科学分析の補 完的研究ー」(代表者:中村直子) ) [Main cooperation partner, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Project Leader Naoko NAKAMURA]
  • SCIEM2000 [Cooperation Partner in Project 4 (Thera Ashes), Special Research Programme (SFB) of the Austrian Academy at the Austrian Science Fund and under Patronage of the UNESCO by Manfred Bietak]
  • Across borders [Main cooperation partner, ERC starting grant by Julia Budka]
  • Nuclear Atomic Clock [Cooperation Partner, ERC starting grant by Thorsten Schumm]

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Member of organizing commitee for SAAGAS 22, SAAGAS 26, and ICRM 2015